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Animated Short Film Project in development

Mar[t]y is the animated story of Mary Holland, a female Hollywood studio typist, who has big aspirations, few opportunities, and a determined mind.

Mary Holland is a studio typist during the Golden Hollywood Era of the movies. She has big writing and directing aspirations, but no-one seems to pay serious attention to a young female typist; she definitely needs to take matters into her own hands. This is her animated story.

Directed by: Vassilis Kroustallis and Kamila Kučíková
Production: Scheriaa Productions
Script: Vassilis Kroustallis
Artistic direction: Kamila Kučíková

Short Film



A boy talks about his family and health in a hospital bed.


A boy is hospitalized, along with his favorite toy. He narrates his own daily routines and experience with his mother and father, until something unexpected happens.



HOMESPITAL (2021, 01’ 11’’, Estonia/Greece)

Short Film, HD, 25fps
Genre: Drama, Family, Experimental

Directed | Written | Produced | Shot | Edited: Vassilis Kroustallis
Production: Scheriaa Productions
Music: Podington Bear- Starlington | Chad Crouch – Algorithms (Creative Commons)
Sounds by: Klankbeeld | Daphne_in_Wonderland (
Thanks: Effie Pappa | Shaun Clark

Untravel is a story about the fear of crossing boundaries and the possibilities to overcome it. It is a story about the relationship between personal and political boundaries, and the complex relationship between patriotism, tourism and emigration, as well as the relationships between utopias, dystopias and reality.


Scheriaa Productions was responsible for non-festival, promo distribution

Festivals and Awards (Selection):

Annie Awards 2019 Nominee: Best Animated Short Subject
Sarajevo Film Festival 2018:Nominee Best Short Film
Sundance Film Festival 2019

Director: Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak Jr.
Animation: Ana Nedeljković
Animation supervisor: Nikola Majdak Jr.
Production design: Ana Nedeljković
Story: Ana Nedeljković
Character design: Ana Nedeljković
Director of photography: Nikola Majdak, Jr.
Producer: Jelena Mitrović
Co-producer for Your Dreams Factory: Eva Pavlovičová
Co-producer for BFILM: Peter Badač
Executive producer: Igor Kecman
Editing: Milina Trišić
Music: Dušan Petrović
Sound design: Vladimir Janković
Final sound design and sound mix: Aleksandar Protić
Color grading and rig removal: Vladan Obradović
Narrator: Maša Mileusnić
Rigging: Nikola Majdak, jr.
Script consultant: Adela Zvalová
Title design: Aleksandra Jovanić
Production design assistant: Irena Bogić
Voices: Vladimir Janković Slonče, Vuk Saletović, Jelena Kusovac, Andrijana Stefanović, Nataša Mihailović, Nevena Ostojić, Senka Milutinović, Sofija Živković
Production assistant: Jasna Delić, Martina Čeretková, Imelda Selková
Sound postproduction: La Plant Studios
Final sound design and sound mix:

DCP: Living pictures

Technical facilities: Vision Team

Lights by: Arhitel


In Coproduction with: Your Dreams Factory and BFILM

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