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A film should either express the joy of making cinema, or the agony of making cinema, and nothing else in between
François Truffaut

TSTI Teaser (v1.0)

We Aim

For artistic creative excellence from the project development stage

The Hotel

Two siblings live in a family hotel full of rabbits.

Verikoka by Spyros Siakas

The story of a boy who grows up with a yearning for a platter of apricots (verikoka).

Be there! Corfu Animation Festival 2017 Trailer

Trailer for the 6th edition of Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, 29/3-2/4/2017 / DIRECTOR: Lucija Mrzljak

The Sea Tranced Isle by Effie Pappa

A young Greek man will embark on a whimsical journey led by Corfu Isle mentors and notorious figures in order to step beyond his fears and to devote to his…

Those lazy Europeans! They all look like lost here.
The Hotel